At Mal Ciputra (Citraland)

Diseret-seret ma ni orang2 gelo.. wkwkwkwk – at Mal Ciputra (Citraland) with Shintia, Zevy, Yunita, Livia, and Elysiathio – See on Path.


SPOTLIGHT: Sculptures by Antony Gormley

Legendary sculptor Antony Gormley riffs on space and the human form. His works explore the interior space we feel within our own bodies — and the exterior space we feel around us, knowing that we are just dots in space and time.

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Tangled themed rooms at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel


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Yes! I still have fellings for you!

Lumpuhkanlah ingatanku hapuskan tentang dia kuinginku lupakannya ~

Even though sometime the future is predictable, it still changed along the way

Can’t I meet you again yet? Missing you is so painful and sadly you’re not even mine..

Dear brain, please stop thinking about him since it’s killing me.. *sighhhh